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Исторический атлас 1905 года (The Public Schools Historical Atlas, Charles Colbeck, ed. Longmans, Green, and Co. London, 1905)

Исторический атлас 1911 года (Historical Atlas, W.R. Shepherd, gen. editor. Henry Holt & Co, 1911)

Исторический атлас 1912 года (The Cambridge Modern History Atlas. Ed. A.W. Ward, G.W. Prothero, S. Leathes. Cambridge, 1912)

Зайончковский А.В. Мировая война 1914-1918 гг. (III издание. М.: Воениздат, 1938. Т.3: Схемы)

Атлас Первой Мировой войны (Atlas for the Great War. Ed. Thomas E. Griess. Wayne. 1986)

Военный атлас Первой Мировой войны 2001 года (A Military Atlas of the First World War, Arthur Banks, UK: Pen and Sword, 2001)



Исторический атлас 1905 года

The Public Schools Historical Atlas (Charles Colbeck, ed.; Longmans, Green, and Co. London, 1905)


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Введение, содержание

Алфавитный указатель

Лист 1. The Roman Empire, Eastern and Western, in the 4th Century (Showing the Positions of the Northern Barbarians)

Лист 2. Europe in the time of Odoacer, 476-493. South-Western Europe in 525

Лист 3. Roman Britain circa 400 (Showing the Gaelic and Celtic Tribes, Roman Provinces and the chief Roman Towns & Roads). Kent at the coming of the Saxons, 449

Лист 4. England after the English Conquest in 700

Лист 5. England after the Peace of Wedmore in 878

Лист 6. Europe at the death of Charles the Great, 814

Лист 7. Europe in 912

Лист 8. England in 1065

Лист 9. Europe and the East, to illustrate the Crusades

Лист 10. Europe in 1135

Лист 11. England and France in the time of Henry 1st

Лист 12. England and France, 1152-1327

Лист 13. Europe in the 13th Century

Лист 14. Europe in the 14th Century

Лист 15. France after the Treaty of Bretigni

Лист 16. France at the death of Edward III

Лист 17. English campaigns in France in the reign of Edward III

Лист 18. Extent of the English conquests in France, 1382-1453

Лист 19. England during the Wars of the Roses

Лист 20. Henry V.’s campaign in France, 1415

Лист 21. France at the accession of Louis XI, 1461

Лист 22. Europe in the 15th Century

Лист 23. Universities of Europe in the 16th Century

Лист 24. Italy in 1515

Лист 25. The Seven Prince Electors

Лист 26. Spain in 1516

Лист 27. France under Charles VIII

Лист 28. Dominions of Charles V, 1519

Лист 29. Extent of the Revolt from Rome, 1524-1600

Лист 30. The Revolt in Switzerland, 1524-1531

Лист 31. French Provinces claimed by Henry VIII, 1512

Лист 32. Serfdom and Rebellions against it before 1515

Лист 33. The Peasant’s War, 1525

Лист 34. The World in the 16th Century

Лист 35. Commerce of Christendom in the 16th Century

Лист 36. The Spanish Monarchy under Philip II

Лист 37. Lisbon and Mouth of Tagus

Лист 38. Western Europe in the time of Elizabeth

Лист 39. Discoveries of England, Spain, and Portugal in the 16th Century

Лист 40. The Netherlands in the time of Elizabeth

Лист 41. Germany at the commencement of the Thirty Years’ War, 1618

Лист 42. Germany after the Peace of Westphalia, 1648

Лист 43. England and Wales. Assessments to Ship Money, 1636

Лист 44. Battle of Edge Hill (Oct. 23, 1642)

Лист 45. Battle of Marston Moor (Jul. 2, 1644)

Лист 46. Battle of Naseby

Лист 47. England and Wales (Jan. 1, 1643)

Лист 48. England and Wales (Jan. 1, 1644)

Лист 49. Argyle’s Campaign, 1685

Лист 50. Battle of Sedgemoor (Jul. 6, 1685)

Лист 51. South-West England, to illustrate the Campaigns of 1685-1688

Лист 52. Campaign in the North-East of Ireland and Battle of the Boyne, 1690

Лист 53. England and Wales (May 1, 1643)

Лист 54. Germany, Holland, and the Spanish Netherlands in 1678

Лист 55. Western Ireland, 1691

Лист 56. Glencoe, 1691

Лист 57. Battle of Steinkirk (Aug. 3, 1692)

Лист 58. Battle of Neerwinden (Jul. 29, 1693)

Лист 59. Flanders and Brabant, to illustrate the Campaigns of William III, 1690-1696

Лист 60. Western Europe in 1700

Лист 61. Battle of Blenheim (Aug. 13, 1704)

Лист 62. Battle of Ramillies (May 23, 1706)

Лист 63. Italy in 1700

Лист 64. The Netherlands in 1700. Campaign of Malplaquet, 1709.

Лист 65. Europe, illustrating the Wars of Charles XII and Peter the Great

Лист 66. Western Europe after the Peace of Utrecht, 1713

Лист 67. Europe in 1730

Лист 68. Europe in 1740

Лист 69. Battle of Rossbach (Nov. 5, 1757)

Лист 70. Battle of Leuthen (Dec. 5, 1757)

Лист 71. Battle of Minden (Aug. 1, 1759)

Лист 72. Siege of Quebec (1759)

Лист 73. Germany, illustrating the Silesian and Seven Years’ Wars

Лист 74. India in the 18th Century

Лист 75. India, showing the growth of the English Dominions (1760-1858, 4 small plates)

Лист 76. The World in 1772

Лист 77. The North American Colonies

Лист 78. North America before the War of American Independence

Лист 79. North America after the War of American Independence

Лист 80. France in Provinces, showing the Customs Frontiers, 1789

Лист 81. Revolutionary Paris

Лист 82. The Rhine, 1792-1796

Лист 83. Quiberon Bay, 1759

Лист 84. Belgium in 1792

Лист 85. North Italy and Switzerland (1796-1805), to illustrate the Campaigns of Napoleon

Лист 86. Central Europe in 1789

Лист 87. France in Departments, 1790

Лист 88. Battle of Austerlitz (Dec. 2, 1805)

Лист 89. Battle of Jena (Oct. 14, 1806)

Лист 90. Environs of Jena

Лист 91. Battles of Aspern-Essling (May 21, 1809)

Лист 92. Battle of Wagram (Jul. 6, 1809)

Лист 93. Central Europe, to illustrate the Campaigns of Napoleon

Лист 94. Europe in 1810

Лист 95-96. Leipzig (Oct. 16, 1813). Leipzig (Oct. 18, 1813)

Лист 97. Russian Campaign, 1812

Лист 98. Spain and Portugal, to illustrate the Peninsula War. Battle of Trafalgar (Oct. 21, 1805)

Лист 99. Europe in 1815

Лист 100. Waterloo Campaign

Лист 101. Battle of Waterloo (Jun. 18, 1815)



Исторический атлас 1911 года

Historical Atlas (W.R. Shepherd, Gen. editor. Henry Holt & Co, 1911)


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Алфавитный указатель: С.1-26, С.27-55, С.56-84, С.85-94

Лист 1. Physical Map of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa (С.2-3)

Лист 2. Mycenean Greece and the Orient about 1450 B.C. Inset: Reference Map of the Nile Delta (С.4)

Лист 3. The Assyrian Empire and the Region about the Eastern Mediterranean, 750-625 B.C. (С.5)

Лист 4. Reference Map of Ancient Palestine. Insets: Plan of Jerusalem. Dominions of David and Solomon (1025-953 B.C.). Palestine under the later Kings (953-722 B.C.). Palestine under Joshua and the Judges (1250 -1125 B.C.) (С.6-7)

Лист 5. The Orient 600-500 B.C. The Oriental Empires about 600 B.C. The Persian Empire about 500 B.C. The Beginnings of Historic Greece, 700-600 B.C. (С.8)

Лист 6. Vicinity of Troy. The Shores of the Propontis. Plan of Olympia (С.9)

Лист 7. Reference Map of Ancient Greece. Northern Part (С.10-11)

Лист 8. Greek and Phoenician Settlements in the Mediterranean Basin, about 550 B.C. (С.12)

Лист 9. Greece at the Time of the War with Persia, 500-479 B.C. The Athenian Empire at its Height (about 450 B.C.) (С.13)

Лист 10. Reference Map of Ancient Greece. Southern Part. Inset: Crete (С.14-15)

Лист 11. Reference Map of Attica. Plan of Thermopylae, 480 B.C. Inset: Harbors of Athens (С.16)

Лист 12. Greece at the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War (431 B.C.). Greece under Theban Headship (362 B.C.) (С.17)

Лист 13. The Macedonian Empire, 336-323 B.C. Insets: The Aetolian and Achaian Leagues. Plan of Tyre. Kingdoms of the Diadochi. After the Battle of Ipsus (301 B.C.). At the Beginning of the Struggle with Rome (about 200 B.C.) (С.18-19)

Лист 14. Reference Map of Asia Minor under the Greeks and Romans (С.20)

Лист 15. Plan of Imperial Rome. Plan of Athens. Inset: Plan of the Acropolis of Athens. Plan of Republican Rome (С.22-23)

Лист 16. Republican Forum. Imperial Forums (С.24)

Лист 17. Reference Map of Ancient Italy. Northern Part (С.26-27)

Лист 18. The Growth of Roman Power in Italy (С.29)

Лист 19. Reference Map of Ancient Italy. Southern Part. Insets: Vicinity of Naples. Plan of Syracuse (С.30-31)

Лист 20. Rome and Carthage at the Beginning of the Second Punic War, 218 B.C. (С.32)

Лист 21. The Growth of Roman Power in Asia Minor. I, after the Treaty of Apamea, 188 B.C.; II, before the outbreak of the Mithradatic Wars, 90 B.C.; III, as organized by Pompey, 63 B.C. (С.33)

Лист 22. Territorial Expansion of Rome. Insets: Plan of Carthage. Vicinity of Rome. Plan of Alexandria (С.34-35)

Лист 23. Reference Map of the European Provinces of the Roman Empire. Insets: Gaul in the Time of Cesar. The Rhine Country in Roman Times. Country about the Lower Danube in Roman Times (С.38-39)

Лист 24. The Roman Empire about 395 (С.42-43)

Лист 25. Germanic Migrations and Conquests, 150-1066 (С.45)

Лист 26. Development of Christianity to 1300 (С.46-47)

Лист 27. The Roman and Hunnic Empires about 450 (С.48)

Лист 28. Physical Map of the British Isles (С.49)

Лист 29. The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire in 486 (С.50-51b)

Лист 30. Roman Britain about 410. Settlements of Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Britain about 600 (С.50-51)

Лист 31. The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire, 536-600. The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire in 526. Europe and the East Roman Empire, 533 -600 (С.52)

Лист 32. The Califate in 750. Growth of Frankish Power, 481-814 (С.53)

Лист 33. The Carolingian and Byzantine Empires and the Califate about 814. Inset: Northern Austrasia about 814 (С.54-55)

Лист 34. Disruption of the Carolingian Empire, 843-888 (С.56)

Лист 35. The Peoples of Europe about 900 (С.57)

Лист 36. Europe and the Byzantine Empire about 1000 (С.58-59)

Лист 37. The British Isles in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. The British Isles about 802. England after 886. The Shires of England in the Tenth Century (С.60)

Лист 38. France about 1035 (С.61)

Лист 39. Central Europe, 919-1125 (С.62-63)

Лист 40. Italy about 1050. Inset: The Patrimony of St. Peter. Dominions of Cnut, 1014-1035 (С.64)

Лист 41. Dominions of William the Conqueror about 1087 (С.65)

Лист 42. Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1097. Inset: Europe and the Mediterranean Lands by Religions about 1097 (С.66-67)

Лист 43. Asia Minor and the States of the Crusaders in Syria, about 1140. Insets: Palestine. Plan of Jerusalem about 1187 (С.68)

Лист 44. France, 1154-1184. Inset: Domain, Fiefs and Suzerains of the Count of Champagne in the Twelfth Century (С.69)

Лист 45. Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1190. Inset: Guelf, Hohenstaufen and Ascanian Domains in Germany about 1176 (С.70-71)

Лист 46. The Holy Roman Empire under the Hohenstaufen, 1138-1254 (С.72)

Лист 47. The Mediterranean Lands after 1204 (С.73)

Лист 48. The British Isles about 1300. Plan of London about 1300. Vicinity of London, 1200-1600 (С.74-75)

Лист 49. France in 1328. Inset: The Chief Wool-raising Districts of England and Wool-manufacturing Towns of Flanders, Artois and Brabant (С.76)

Лист 50. Europe in 1360 (С.77)

Лист 51. Central Europe in 1378. Inset: Dominions of Ottocar of Bohemia (С.78-79)

Лист 52. Spread of German Settlements to the Eastward, 800-1400. Inset: The March of Lusatia (С.80)

Лист 53. The Great Schism, 1378-1417. France in 1453 (С.81)

Лист 54. Spain, 910-1492. Spain in 910. Spain in 1037. Spain in 1150. Spain 1212-1492 (С.82-83)

Лист 55. England and France, 1455-1494 (С.84)

Лист 56. Decline of the March of Brandenburg under the Houses of Wittelsbach and Luxemburg, 1320-1415. The Wettin Lands, 1221-1485 (С.85)

Лист 57. Central Europe about 1477 (С.86-87)

Лист 58. Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region, 1380-1560 (С.88)

Лист 59. The Byzantine Empire, 1265-1355. I. The Byzantine Empire in 1265. II. The Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Turks in 1355 (С.89)

Лист 60. Italy about 1494. Insets: The Milanese under the Visconti, 1339-1402. The Republic of Florence, 1300-1494 (С.90-91)

Лист 61. The Swiss Confederation, 1291-1513 (С.90-91b)

Лист 62. The Mongol Dominions, 1300-1405 (С.92)

Лист 63. The Ottoman Empire, 1451-1481. Constantinople (С.93)

Лист 64. Ecclesiastical Map of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Inset: Vicinity of Naples (С.94-95)

Лист 65. Plan of Rome in the Middle Ages. The Roman Suburbicarian (Cardinal) Bishoprics about the 12th Century (С.96)

Лист 66. Ecclesiastical Map of the British Isles in the Middle Ages (С.97)

Лист 67. Medieval Commerce (Europe). Insets: England. Hanseatic League in Northern Germany (С.98-99)

Лист 68. Rural Deaneries. Part of the bishopric of Winchester showing rural deaneries and religious houses during the Middle Ages. Mediaeval Universities (С.100)

Лист 69. Ground plan of a Monastery (St. Gall, Switzerland) (С.101)

Лист 70. Mediaeval Commerce (Asia). Inset: India (С.102-103)

Лист 71. Plan of a Mediaeval Manor (С.104)

Лист 72. The West Indies and Central America, 1492-1525. Inset: Watling's Island (С.105)

Лист 73. The Conquest of Mexico, 1519-1521 (С.106)

Лист 74. The Age of Discovery 1340-1600 (С.107-110)

Лист 75. The Conquest of Peru, 1531-1533 (С.111)

Лист 76. The Portuguese Colonial Dominions in India and the Malay Archipelago, 1498-1650 (С.112)

Лист 77. The Imperial Circles about 1512 (С.113)

Лист 78. Central Europe about 1547. Insets: Principality of Orange. Wettin Lands, 1485-1554 (С.114-115)

Лист 79. The Religious Situation in Europe about 1560. The Religious Situation in Central Europe about 1560. The Religious Situation in Europe about 1560 (С.116)

Лист 80. The Netherlands, 1559-1600 (С.117)

Лист 81. Europe about 1560 (С.118-119)

Лист 82. The Religious Situation in Central Europe about 1618. Sweden about 1658 (С.120)

Лист 83. Principal Seats of War in Europe, I. 1618-1660 (С.121)

Лист 84. Treaty Adjustments, 1648-1660. 1. Treaty of Westphalia, 1648. 2. Treaty of the Pyrenees, 1659; Peace of Roeskilde-Oliva, 1658, 1660 (С.121b)

Лист 85. Central Europe about 1648 (С.122-123)

Лист 86. The Ottoman Empire, 1481-1683 (С.124)

Лист 87. Principal Seats of War in Europe, II. 1672-1699 (С.125b)

Лист 88. Treaty Adjustments, 1668-1699. Treaties of Aix-la-Chapelle, Nimwegen, St. Germain, Ryswick, Carlowitz (С.125)

Лист 89. Extension of the French Frontiers, 1601-1766. The British Isles, 1603-1688 (С.126-127)

Лист 90. The Spread of Colonization, 1600-1700. Insets: Partition of Guiana and the West Indies. India. The Establishment of Dutch Power in the Malay Archipelago, 1602-1641. Guinea Coast (С.128)

Лист 91. Principal Seats of War in Europe, III. 1700-1721 (С.129)

Лист 92. Europe about 1740. Inset: The Growth of Savoy, 1418-1748 (С.130-131)

Лист 93. Principal Seats of War, IV. 1740-1763. Insets: Spain. West Africa. West Indies. Canada. India (С.132)

Лист 94. Treaty Adjustments, 1713-1763. Treaties of Utrecht, Rastatt, Baden, Stockholm, Frederlksborg, Nystad, Passarowitz, Vienna, Belgrade, Breslau, Dresden, Aix-la-Chapelle, Paris, Hubertusburg. Insets: Acadia and Newfoundland. Eastern North America (С.133)

Лист 95. Central Europe about 1786 (С.134-135)

Лист 96. The Struggle for Colonial Dominion, 1700-1763. Insets: The West Indies, 1700-1763. Cook's Voyages in the Southern Pacific (С.136)

Лист 97. India, 1700-1792 (С.137)

Лист 98. The Growth of Russia in Europe, 1300-1796 (С.138-139)

Лист 99. Typical German States before and since the French Revolution. I. Baden. Insets: County of Sponheim. Lordship of Gravenstein. Baden since 1801. II. Wurtemberg. Insets: County of Horburg and Lordship of Reichenweier. Principality-County of Mbntbeliard. Wurtemberg since 1495 (С.142-143)

Лист 100. France in 1789. The “Gouvernements”. The Generalities or Intendancies. The Salt tax and the Customs. Laws and Courts (С.146-147)

Лист 101. Ecclesiastical Map of France, 1789 and 1802. France in 1791 (С.148)

Лист 102. Plans of Versailles and Paris in 1789 (С.149)

Лист 103. Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt, 1798. Northern Italy, 1796 (for the campaigns of 1796-1805). Germany and Italy in 1803. Germany and Italy in 1806 (С.150-151)

Лист 104. Treaty Adjustments, 1801-1812. Insets: India. Cape Colony (С.152)

Лист 105. Principal Seats of War, V. 1788-1815. Insets: India. Egypt (С.153)

Лист 106. Napoleon's Campaign in Russia, 1812 (С.153b)

Лист 107. Central Europe in 1812. Inset: Europe in 1812 (С.154-155)

Лист 108. The Waterloo Campaign. Plan of the Waterloo Campaign, June 16-18, 1815. Plan of the Battle of Waterloo (С.156)

Лист 109. Treaty Adjustments, 1814, 1815. Inset: Fortresses along the French Frontier (С.157)

Лист 110. Central Europe, 1815-1866 (С.158-159)

Лист 111. The Unification of Germany, 1815-1871. I. Rise of the German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) up to 1834. II. The German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) since 1834 (С.160)

Лист 112. The Unification of Germany, 1815-1871. III. The North German Federation and the German Empire 1866-1871. The Unification of Italy, 1815-1870 (С.161)

Лист 113. Industrial England since 1750 (С.162)

Лист 114. England and Wales in 1832 (С.163)

Лист 115. Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire since 1683. Insets: Southwestern Crimea, 1854. Plan of Sevastopol, 1854-1855 (С.164)

Лист 116. Distribution of Races in the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor (С.165)

Лист 117. Europe at the Present Time (С.166-167)

Лист 118. Distribution of Races in Austria-Hungary (С.168)

Лист 119. The Growth of European and Japanese Dominions in Asia since 1801. Inset: Vicinity of Peking (С.170-171)

Лист 120. Australia and New Zealand since 1788 (С.172)

Лист 121. The Partition of Africa. Insets: The Suez Canal and Lower Egypt. The Boer Republics till 1902 (С.174-175)

Лист 122. Distribution of the Principal European Languages (С.176)

Лист 123. Distribution of Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and Negroes (С.177)

Лист 124. Colonies, Dependencies and Trade Routes (С.179-182)

Лист 125. Localities in Western Europe connected with American History (С.184)

Лист 126. Localities in England connected with American History (С.185)

Лист 127. Physical Map of North America (С.186-187)

Лист 128. The Indians in the United States (С.188)

Лист 129. Reference Map of the New England Colonies, 1607-1760. Insets: Rhode Island. Vicinity of Boston. Vicinity of New York (С.189)

Лист 130. European Exploration and Settlement in the United States, 1513-1776. Inset: Principal English Grants, 1606-1665 (С.190-191)

Лист 131. Reference Map of the Middle Colonies, 1607-1760. Inset: Settlements on the Delaware River (С.192)

Лист 132. Reference Map of the Southern Colonies, 1607-1760. Insets: Settlements on the James River. The Georgian Coast (С.193)

Лист 133. The British Colonies in North America, 1763-1775. Inset: Middle Colonies (С.194)

Лист 134. Campaigns of the American Revolution, 1775-1781. Inset: The West and South, 1778-1781 (С.195)

Лист 135. The United States, 1783-1803. Insets: The State of Franklin, 1784-1788. Early Distribution of the Public Lands (Ohio) (С.196)

Лист 136. Territorial Expansion of the United States since 1803. Insets: Alaska. Hawaii. Guam. Samoa Islands. Wake Island. Midway Island. Porto Rico. The Philippine Islands (С.198-199)

Лист 137. Campaigns of the War of 1812. Campaigns of the War of 1812. The Southwest. Vicinity of  Washington in 1814 (С.200)

Лист 138. Campaigns of the Mexican War, 1846-1847. Inset: Route from Vera Cruz, to Mexico (С.201)

Лист 139. The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803. I. 1803-1810. II. 1810-1835. III. 1835-1855. IV. Since 1855 (С.202-203)

Лист 140. Slavery and the Staple Agricultural Products in the Southern States, 1790-1860 (С.204)

Лист 141. Slavery and Emancipation in the United States, 1777-1865. Inset: The Region South of the Great Lakes (С.206-207)

Лист 142. Seat of the Civil War, 1861-1865. Inset: Vicinity of Gettysburg (С.208)

Лист 143. Westward Development of the United States (С.210-211)

Лист 144. Canada and Newfoundland. Inset: The Arbitration Boundary between Canada and Alaska (С.212)

Лист 145. Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. Inset: Central Mexico (С.213)

Лист 146. South America. Inset: South America about 1790 (С.214-215)

Лист 147. The Panama Canal. The Canal Zone. Profile of the Canal (С.216)



Исторический атлас 1912 года

The Cambridge Modern History Atlas (Ed. A.W. Ward, G.W. Prothero, S. Leathes. Cambridge, 1912)


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Введение: часть 1, часть 2

Алфавитный указатель

Лист 1. Europe, 1490 A.D.

Лист 2. The Age of Discovery

Лист 3. The Ottoman Advance in Europe and Asia Minor

Лист 4. Italy, c. 1490. With inset Valley of the Po

Лист 5. The Empire, showing the Division into Circles

Лист 6. The Burgundian Lands

Лист 7. The Iberian Peninsula in the time of Ferdinand and Isabel

Лист 8. France under Louis XI

Лист 9. Universities of Europe

Лист 10. Dominions of the House of Habsburg in Europe at the Abdication of Charles V

Лист 11. Eastern Frontier of France. Wars of France and the Empire, 1521-59

Лист 12. Germany at the Accession of Charles V

Лист 13. Southern Germany and England. The Peasant Movements of the Sixteenth and early Seventeenth Centuries

Лист 14. Germany. The Schmalkaldic War

Лист 15. The Swiss Confederation

Лист 16. England and Wales under the Tudors

Лист 17. Scandinavia in the time of Gustavus Vasa

Лист 18. Western and Central Europe. The Progress of the Reformation to 1560

Лист 19. France. The Religious Wars. With inset The Neighbourhood of Paris

Лист 20. Poland and Lithuania. The Union of Lublin, 1569

Лист 21. Hungary at the end of the Sixteenth Century

Лист 22. The Netherlands. The Wars of Independence

Лист 23. Scotland in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Лист 24. North-eastern Atlantic. The Elizabethan Naval War

Лист 25. Savoy in 1601

Лист 26. Italy at the end of the Sixteenth Century

Лист 27. Ireland at the beginning of the Sixteenth Century

Лист 28. Germany. Religious Divisions, c. 1610

Лист 29. Germany. The Thirty Years' War, 1619-29. Campaigns in Bohemia, the Palatinate, Lower Saxony, and Denmark

Лист 30. The Grisons (Graubunden) and the Valtelline

Лист 31. Germany. The Edict of Restitution, 1629

Лист 32. Eastern Baltic and Northern Poland. Wars of Sweden with Poland and Russia, 1560-1661

Лист 33. Germany. The Thirty Years' War, 1630-48. The Swedish Campaigns

Лист 34. England and Wales at the outbreak of the Civil War

Лист 35. England and Wales after the Campaigns of 1644

Лист 36. England and Wales. The Civil War

Лист 37. Ireland, 1558-1652

Лист 38. Ireland. According to the Act of Settlement, September 26, 1653, and subsequent Orders

Лист 39. The Thirty Years' War. The French War, 1635-48, and the Dutch War with Spain, 1620-48

Лист 40. Germany. The Peace of Westphalia

Лист 41. Europe in 1648

Лист 42. North Sea and English Channel. The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth Century

Лист 43. The Eastern World. Portuguese, Dutch, and English Possessions, c. 1650

Лист 44. Eastern Spain and Western Italy. The Franco-Spanish War, 1635-59

Лист 45. The Netherlands and Western Germany. The Wars of 1648-1715

Лист 46. Eastern France. Territorial Acquisitions during the reign of Louis XIV

Лист 47. Ireland, 1660-1800

Лист 48. South-eastern Europe. Wars of Turkey with the Empire, Venice, and Poland, 1648-1739

Лист 49. Northern Italy. Wars of the Eighteenth Century, 1701-63

Лист 50. West European Waters. Anglo-French Naval Wars, 1689-1763

Лист 51. Europe in 1721, after the Treaties of Utrecht and Nystad

Лист 52. Russia in 1725

Лист 53. The Baltic Lands, 1661

Лист 54. Scandinavia, Russia, and Poland. The Northern War, 1700-21. With inset Schleswig-Holstein

Лист 55. Brandenburg-Prussia. Expansion, 1525-1648

Лист 56. Scotland and Northern England. Campaigns of the Pretenders

Лист 57. Central Europe. Wars of Frederick the Great

Лист 58. Poland. The Partitions

Лист 59. Prussia. Territorial Expansion, 1648-1795

Лист 60. The Austrian Empire, exclusive of Italian Possessions and the Austrian Netherlands. Territorial Changes, 1648-1795

Лист 61. Russia. Territorial Expansion, 1725-95

Лист 62. The Empire and the Netherlands, c. 1792

Лист 63. Europe in 1792

Лист 64. India. The Beginnings of British Dominion

Лист 65. Africa in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. With inset The Gold and Slave Coasts

Лист 66. North America. European Colonisation to 1700

Лист 67. North America. French Expansion and British Conquests to 1763

Лист 68. The Thirteen Colonies at the end of the Colonial Period

Лист 69. West Indies in 1763

Лист 70. Eastern North America in 1812. The War of Independence and the War of 1812-14. With inset Boston and Neighbourhood

Лист 71. Mexico and Texas, 1845-48

Лист 72. United States. Territorial Expansions

Лист 73. United States. The Secession

Лист 74. United States. The Civil War

Лист 75. The West Indies and the Philippine Islands. The Spanish-American War

Лист 76. United States. Distribution of Population and Railways in 1850

Лист 77. United States. Distribution of Population and Principal Railways in 1900

Лист 78. United States. Economic Regions

Лист 79. France before the Revolution

Лист 80. Paris during the Revolution

Лист 81. Eastern Frontier of France. Revolutionary Campaigns, 1792-5

Лист 82. Britanny and Vendee

Лист 83. Northern Italy. Bonaparte's Campaign, 1796-7

Лист 84. Central Europe after the Peace of Basel and of Campo Formio

Лист 85. Egypt and Syria. The Egyptian Expedition, 1798-1801

Лист 86. Italy in 1799. The War with Naples, 1798-9

Лист 87. European Waters. Naval Wars, 1792-1815. With inset Part of the French and Flemish Coast

Лист 88. South-west Germany and North Italy. The War of the Second Coalition, 1798-1801

Лист 89. Central Europe, 1803, after the Peace of Luneville, 1801, and the Secularisations, 1803

Лист 90. Switzerland under the Act of Mediation, 1803

Лист 91. North Atlantic. Naval War, 1803-5

Лист 92. Central Europe. Wars of the Third Coalition, 1805-7. With inset The Neighbourhood of Austerlitz

Лист 93. Central Europe. The Austrian War, 1809. With inset The Neighbourhood of Vienna

Лист 94. The French Empire and Central Europe, 1811. Political Divisions

Лист 95. Spain and Portugal. The Peninsular War and other Wars of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Лист 96. Central Russia. The War of 1812

Лист 97. Germany and Eastern France. The War of Liberation, 1813-14. With insets The Neighbourhood of Paris and the Neighbourhood of Leipzig

Лист 98. North-eastern frontier of France. The Waterloo Campaign, 1815. With inset The Neighbourhood of Waterloo

Лист 99. India in 1804. The Mysore and Maratha Wars, 1792-1804

Лист 100. The Eastern World. European Colonies and Dependencies, 1815

Лист 101. The Western World. European Colonies and Dependencies, 1815

Лист 102. Europe after the Congress of Vienna

Лист 103. France since 1814

Лист 104. Italy since 1815. The Struggle for Unity. With inset Stages in the Union of Italy, 1859-70

Лист 105. Ottoman Empire in Europe, 1792-1870

Лист 106. America. Spanish and Portuguese Settlements. With inset Latin America after the Wars of Independence, 1825

Лист 107. The Germanic Confederation, 1815

Лист 108. Russia in Europe in the Nineteenth Century. With inset The Neighbourhood of Warsaw

Лист 109. The Kingdom of the Netherlands to 1839. Holland and Belgium since 1839

Лист 110. Ottoman Empire in Asia and Africa since 1792

Лист 111. The Austrian Dominions since 1815

Лист 112. Switzerland in the Nineteenth Century. The Sonderbund War

Лист 113. England and Wales. Parliamentary Representation in 1832 before the Reform Bill

Лист 114. England and Wales. Parliamentary Representation in 1832 after the Reform Bill

Лист 115. The Black Sea. The Crimean War. With inset South-west Crimea

Лист 116. Denmark and the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. The War of 1864

Лист 117. Central Europe. The War of 1866. With inset North-east Bohemia

Лист 118. Eastern France. The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-71. With inset Neighbourhood of Metz

Лист 119. Ottoman Empire in Europe, 1870-8

Лист 120. The Balkan Peninsula, 1878-1910

Лист 121. England and Wales, 1649-1910

Лист 122. India in the Nineteenth Century. British Expansion, 1805-1910

Лист 123. Northern India. The Mutiny, 1857-9

Лист 124. India. The Western Frontier and Neighbouring Countries. With inset Valley of the Kabul River

Лист 125. India. The Eastern Frontier and Neighbouring Countries. French and English Expansion, 1805-1907

Лист 126. The Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland

Лист 127. British North America, 1840-67, and the Alaska and Maine Boundary Disputes

Лист 128. The Australian Colonies in the Nineteenth Century. With inset Australia in 1851. The Early Settlements

Лист 129. The Dominion of New Zealand. With inset New Zealand in 1852. The Early Settlements

Лист 130. Africa in 1910. With inset Africa in 1870

Лист 131. North-western Africa. French Colonisation

Лист 132. Egypt under British Protection and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. With inset Mouths of the Nile

Лист 133. South Africa since 1815. The Kaffir and Boer Wars

Лист 134. The West Indies and Central America in 1910

Лист 135. South America in 1910

Лист 136. Northern Asia. Russian Expansion in the Nineteenth Century

Лист 137. The Japanese Empire. The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-5

Лист 138. The Chinese Empire in 1910. With inset The Neighbourhood of Peking

Лист 139. The Pacific Ocean in 1910

Лист 140. The World. Colonial Possessions and Commercial Highways in 1910

Лист 141. Europe in 1910


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